Mebyf’s participation in the Women’s World Summit in Guayaquil, Ecuador

With overwhelming support and an amazing, ever-growing team, MEBYF goes international this year! We are expanding to other countries in Europe, such as Spain, Germany and we are also being recognized in Latin America. Rosy Intriago, Director of MEBYF was invited to the prestigious Women’s World Summit in Guayaquil, Ecuador in a conference from September 20 to 22, 2022. It was a great event with participants from 25 countries and 35 Hispanic opponents such as Spain, Colombia and Spanish speakers from the USA presenters from the Esmeraldas Province, Muisney Canton and Puerto Nuevo Campus. The theme of the MEBYF conference was entrepreneurship from phase zero from one’s own potential and organic health taught by Rosy Intriago.

While all the presentations focussed and agreed in unison that more women are needed in the field of Agriculture, Sciences, Business and politics, Rosy Intriago and MEBYF showed actual results with real people and entrepreneurs that have benefitted from the foundation. They had on display the produce of producers of Organic Cacao. The results from MEBYF were very well received by the audience and they were curious to know more.

During the pandemic when the world came to a hault, we at MEBYF began a campaign of training the organic producers in Ecuador on how to multiply their produce and profits exponentially using traditional methods. Ecuador produces the best organic cocoa in the world, and it is important to preserve and propagate this tradition. The results of this campaign and training have been exceptional and beyond our expectations! It has helped the producers increase their income and provide better for their families.

We at MEBYF believe in a hopeful future based on fair trade and mutual respect for one and all. At the core of our value system is the belief that those who produce food should be held in the highest regard because without them, the world will come to a jolting stop! Pandemic or not, these producers kept working tirelessly t feed and nourish the people of the world. They have a right to a comfortable and respectable life, their children have the right to quality education and opportunities!

This was an emotional moment for everybody present at the conference because it showed them the power of belief and conviction. MEBYF is an exceptional team of strong and powerful women who believe that if we genuinely care and support our environment and those who need help, we can and we will make the world a better place!

Full thanks to the president of the Mujeres Sin Limites Foundation of Ecuador, Anitta Fernandez.

Thanks to all the support received from my family and all the collaborators who have made part of my path both in the Netherlands and in Ecuador for having supported me so that my dreams are coming true.

Rosy Intriago

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