Glenda Rivera Hollander

As I stood in the physician’s lobby with all my reports telling me that there was nothing wrong with me, I wanted to scream and howl because I felt defeated. If everything was alright, why did my body hurt so much? Why was I so sad all the time? Don’t they advise you to seek medical help when you feel like you are sinking? Well, I did that already,but they told me to go home and take some time off from work. “You work too much, it’s just stress!” I was told.

My mind boggled with various reasons for this state of mind…I was a Latin American woman living in Holland raising two sons. Was I missing my country? Home? I was good at my work, I loved being a hairstylist; I loved running my business and everything about it: the long work hours, being financially independent. Then how would TAKING TIME OFF FROM WORK HELP ME?!?Not knowing what to do, I did what was suggested. I cut down on the work that I had and began to stay more at home. But that made me feel even more miserable.That was when I knew that it was time to take things in my hand!

As luck would have it, I met Rosy who came in like my guardian angel and walked with me every step of my journey of self-transformation.With Rosy’s Life Sciences and Vitality training program, I felt all the pain fade away and a sense of self love and appreciation grew within me. How was I expecting to feel fulfilled when I did not love myself!I have learned a lot from her; how to offer a kind hand to help those in difficult situations, the right perspective for introspection and the will to become happy by helping others become happy. Eight years down the line, I am a changed person brimming with life and enthusiasm! My hair styling business is more buzzing than ever, and I don’t need to take time off anymore.

I also work as an emotional coach offering free services because during this self-exploration process, I realized that I always wanted to reach out and help others, I just didn’t know how!

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