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Let's introduce ourselves!

The principal directorate: The Hague, The Netherlands

Rosa Angela Van den Berg Intriago Murillo (Rosy)


Popularly known as Rosy, this Ecuadorian entrepreneur is the Director of MEBYF. She has had an outstanding career in business development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. She comes from a family of leaders who invest their life, energies, and passion for the improvement of their communities. In the past 16 years that Rosy has lived here in the Hague, she observed the challenges of the Latin American community closely who did not have the same opportunities for personal and professional growth, despite their great potential and important skills. This was the main motivation to launch a project aimed at supporting, empowering and guiding Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs, through the development of their business ideas, their talents, and skills, until they could successfully present their products and services to the European community and in general to the international community, this is how the MEBYF Foundation was officially registered in the Netherlands in 2019.


José Luis


José Luis is a collaborator in MEBYF. An Associate professor at TU Delft, he is the principal investigator in sustainability, control, and optimization at the Department of Sustainable Electrical Energy, TU Delft.



Nilo Hidalgo García


He is a Civil Engineer from Ecuador and is now a Spanish National. He is the Technical Director of RETECTOM SL. That provides Comprehensive Reform Services. He is also the President of COSECAT (Coordinator of Ecuadorian Social Organizations in Catalonia, Spain). It joins MEBYF to develop the participation, inclusion and emancipation of Latin American companies and residents of Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and Spain.

Edwin Apaza Roque


He is from Bolivia and now has Spanish nationality. She is a journalist by profession and studied Planning and Management in Business & Marketing in Barcelona. He is the General Director of Giant Producciones and main presenter of the program Los Gigantes en Acción, a program that is broadcast on TV Channel 25. He is also Vice President of the Ripollet & Cerdanyola de Valles Horticultural Association, Barcelona. In the last 20 years he has engaged in roles such as communication and audiovisual production, announcer, presenter, reporter, cameraman and video editor (for documentaries and reports).

Alejandro Rodriguez García


He is an Ecuadorian artist living in Barcelona for 20 years. He has a history of working with Barcelona Radio (Barcelona Radios) for the last 12 years and his own digital communication channel is already in Season 4! Lately he has been talking about The Urban Festival and Music (FUMM- Festival Urbano Más Música) on the subject line: WE SAVE THE PLANET.



Angel Intriago Farias


Rosa Elena Gongóra Estrada


Paola Escobar Cotera


Manuel Bonifacio Intriago Valencia


Our team of Volunteers

Fortunately, our community is expanding each day and we are no longer limited to the Spanish-speaking community anymore. We are also helping Expat entrepreneurs and we welcome everyone with open arms. We have a diverse team of international volunteers based in Holland and from different countries China, Colombia, Ecuador, India and the list goes on…!

This work, which has been carried out for 8 years, and which is still ongoing, has had local support through the Department of Emancipation of the Department of The Hague, university institutions, as well as professionals of different nationalities, contributing their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for this great effort.

Our mission – What is our main goal?


MEBYF aims at becoming a one-stop solution for ex-pats in Holland who want to explore their entrepreneurial potential. We offer entrepreneurship trainings from Phase Zero to envision a SOLID business foundation, we also assist entrepreneurs with administrative essentials to create their own brand and we introduce them to our ever-growing and vast network of successful business owners of the MEBYF community! Thus, our mission is to empower individuals at every step to become self-sufficient and create a successful community of entrepreneurs.

Our history – How was MEBYF born?


MEBYF in Spanish stands for Mujeres Emprendedoras Bellas y Fuertes which translates to Beautiful and Strong Women Entrepreneurs. This foundation was born on 20-6-2015 in The Hague, Holland by a group of Latin American women led by Rosa Angela Intriago Murillo.

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