Cecilia Zuleta

Businesswoman-Owner-BIOcz Organic Shampoo
“MEBYF taught me that if you have a dream that can help you move forward in life, you should chase it persistently, till you win!”

Good events in life bring you happiness, but bad events in life, sometimes ugly ones push you to find your true potential. I loved long hair, there was nothing that made me as happy as shiny locks of luscious silk! But my experiments with chemical shampoos and hairstyling products left my hair highly damaged and beyond repair. And so, I had to chop it to a short length even though I never really liked the idea of having them short. I felt horrible as I could not even look at myself in the mirror!That was the last straw that pushed me to do something about this situation.

In one of my training sessions with Rosy about creating self-care products naturally, I expressed my desire to create my own organic shampoo. Rosy, who has a vast knowledge of natural products herself, helped me a lot by posing questions that I had never asked myself: What do you think is your true potential? What is it the dream that you want to achieve? What are the limitations holding you back? By putting these questions out in the open, she pushed me to find answers, answers that led me to find solutions. After trying my homemade concoction of onions, coffee and cinnamon, Rosy advised me to STOP GIVING THIS PRODUCT FOR FREE! She encouraged me to make a living out of this and ensured that there were people who needed my organic products and could benefit from them. So that’s what I did…

Today, I own a successful and thriving business of organic products here in Holland that are chemical free and have magical effects. I am forever grateful to MEBYF for keeping up my motivation and my confidence. It was a long journey to success, but when you put your faith in your dreams and in the Almighty, there are no skies that you cannot reach!

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