Abraham Pinto

Musician-Writer- Composer-Chile

“The only way to get better at your talent is to begin, and then keep practicing over and over, a million times, till you ACE it!”

I came to the Netherlands a few years ago as a personal trainer; in Chile, I had studied the physical sciences at the university and worked with little children. In Holland I continued to work as a personal trainer because I had to put food on the table.Even though that life taught me a lot of lessons and I am grateful for what it gave me, I felt a big hole inside, like there was always something missing…

Ever since I was a little boy, I was drawn towards music and poetry. While growing up, that love for music took a backseat as that little voice in my head kept telling me that I was not THAT good. That is what happens to most of us you see, we sacrifice our dreams and our talents and settle for jobs that pay our bills and help us get from one day to the next one. But then one day, a Colombian friend of mine who shared my passion for music and poetry declared on a whim that we were going to get a Djembe and a guitar and would just start playing in the streets. And it was that simple, that was how it began.

We slowly started going to Art festivals, I began writing and composing my own songs and just started playing them out. The response that I received not just from the Latin American community here in Holland but also from the Dutch community was simply phenomenal! I collected all the self-doubts and the negative voices and pounded them with practice, practice and more practice till I saw myself improve. And that is what I want to tell all those who are reading this; the only thing that can kick self-doubt is persistence and dedication towards that what makes you happy.

MEBYF helped me host my virtual shows during the pandemic and in general connected me to a wider and larger audience as they have a vast base here.I slowly started performing in concerts and live shows. Now I perform all over Europe in idyllic, beautiful countries and my life is full of love, peace and compassion! What more can a musician desire for!

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